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With a certain amount of consternation, and an equal measure of excitement, I have closed The Food Store, ended The Life Force Buying Club, and am in the process of selling the kitchen. There are a lot of emotions flying around for I did not come to this decision easily, but I decided I didn’t want to work that much anymore. Instead, I will be spending more time with my music and creating a live stream magazine called “Live From The Market”. I continue to advocate local food production and processing.

I will leave the Food Store info on this page for the time being for those who might want a peek at my past life, but THE FOOD STORE KITCHEN IS FOR SALE. Please note that I do not own the store front, but I spent $60,000 remodeling the space in 2010 and the landlord is willing to offer a lease to a qualified owner of the kitchen. (The Food Store won the 2011 Award for best remodeled storefront in the State of Iowa.) The Space can be viewed by appointment by contacting me by phone, email, or text. Here is an inventory of the kitchen equipment:


My Past Life

The Food Store…Michael Glenn Breitbach…42 years on the Farmers’ Market in Dubuque, Iowa.

I am sponsoring The Life Force Buying Club for fresh organic fruits and vegetables, local organic meats, dairy products, and a whole lot more. Open the price lists for meat and produce at the bottom of this page !

In 2010 The Food Store changed from a full line organic food store…to a deli-essential inventory,…full line of organic fruits and vegetables, local organic meats and local frozen berries, essential dairy products, beans and rice…and then, The Food Store was a Deli too!

I had my daughter running the Store, and I spent 8 years developing a three acre garden…but she reached the end of her tenure, and I felt I had to go back to The Food Store…I gave the garden space away.

 I became the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at The Food Store in 2018…Cutting it to the quick, I’m trying to create a model neighborhood food store doing things right…and supplying you with basic foods so you can walk to The Food Store for most of what you need.

You are “in the Club” if you buy at The Food Store, you get the low mark-up pricing…no fees or membership!             I charge “market price” when I sell produce on Saturdays…Market Day…I raise my price to other local prices according to market prices…I have been buying and selling produce for 30 years plus…all organic…I see the other prices at the other stores. Shop for less on week days at The Food Store…new produce available weekly at Noon on Thursdays, the largest store of local organic meats in town, lowest prices on organic dairy products in town.

Sign up for my Quasi-weekly email or just go to each Thursday to see my weekly Produce Price Comparison List…Pull it out at other groceries and compare the prices.

I eat some of all the food I sell…if I don’t like something, I don’t sell it. You have a low chance of getting home and finding out something you bought from me is not right. And, I stand by everything…money back on the tasteless melon, the bad avocado, the broccoli with hidden bugs…I have a relationship with my cooperative distributor…I will get my money back, too.

Buying Club and Food Store Deli Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 11-7pm and Saturday 8-12pm, at The Food Store…1109 Iowa Street DBQ.

The Saturday Market is huge and there is hot food on the street and live music 8-Noon.

Oh, and don’t forget The Mid-Week Market on Iowa Street…every Wednesday 4-8. Local produce, local hot food, local music,…local beer. This is the big happening !

Call for more information 563-552-2025